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It is important to us to treat our dogs with dignity and respect.
Our approach is soft, respectful and based on positive reinforcement.

5 Stars Raw Food : Duck 10lbs

5 Stars Raw Food : Duck 10lbs


Ingredients: Duck, vegetables (banana, apple, salad, carrot), beef offal (heart, spleen, liver, lung), yeast, alfalfa, seaweed, ground flaxseed, canola oil, fish oil, fish oil.

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Important to know:
  • For orders of more than 4 bags, it is recommended you order in advance.
  • We receive our order the last Tuesday of each month.
  • If you plan to order on a regular basis, we suggest that you create an account when you complete your first purchase to facilitate your next orders.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.
  • Why 5 Stars Raw Food?
  • Veterinary costs are significantly reduced
  • Reduces the risk of gastric torsion and/or bloating by more than 95%.
  • Less tartar
  • Easier weight control
  • Fewer and less frequent bowel movements
  • Stronger immune system
  • MAPAQ controlled: All ingredients are of human consumption grade
  • Simple and easy to defrost and serve portions
  • Half-pound patties: defrost and serve. It couldn’t be easier.