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Treat Tumble ball_Small (nina Ottosson)


Fill this bouncing and rolling treat game with your dog’s favorite kibble or treats to beat boredom and exercise your dog’s mind and body

LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE: Great for introducing your dog to treat training games, this Level 1 dog game gets your dog interested in games and prepares your pup for more exciting and challenging games & puzzles to come.

  • INTELLIGENT CHOICE: Nina Ottosson dog games and puzzles are a great way to keep your dog busy and entertained while learning new skills.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED: A favorite for dog owners and trainers, this popular dog treat game contains puzzle pieces that challenge your dog’s intelligence and help develop its cognitive abilities.
  • FEED YOUR DOG: With its many candy compartments, this Nina Ottosson game can hold your dog’s meal. Replace your dog’s bowl with this toy to make eating even more fun & enjoyable.
  • YOUR DOG IS BORED: Nina Ottosson games and puzzles keep your dog moving and engaged while providing fun and stimulation.
  • HELPS reduce destructive behavior by exercising your dog´s mind.
  • STRENGTHENS the bond with your dog.
  • FOR dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages.
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