Dog trainer with over 10 years of experience

Our team at One Man Many Dogs offers a soft and respectful approach based on positive reinforcement.

With us, you will learn not only the basics of dog psychology and positive reinforcement, but you will also have the tools needed for a well-integrated result. You will learn how to act and react and develop a relationship in which your dog really listens to you. This approach prevents and solves dog behaviour problems. It is also an efficient training and education method. Everything is done in a fun atmosphere, with pleasure and without guilt aiming to build a long-term relationship.

Treating and interacting with your dog with dignity and consideration is important to us. This will allow your dog to behave with calmness and confidence, which is essential to solve or avoid reactive problems. For both owners and dogs, the relationship becomes more harmonious! Our method is comprehensive and based on animal psychology.

We offer our services in 2 areas in Quebec: the Eastern Townships (Granby, Cowansville, Magog, Shefford, Bromont, Waterloo, Sutton, Lac-Brome, Farnham, Eastman, Ange-Gardien and surroundings) and the Outaouais (the Greater  Ottawa-Gatineau area), as well as around the world via videoconferencing.

You can choose among the variety of our services, either behavioural sessions, private home sessions or group trainings.

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Our clients are our best reference

Jean Lamirande

I really enjoyed our sessions and will continue to work with my big boy

You are a great teacher. Riley says thanks for the great treats. Please feel free to stop in if you are in the neighbourhood.

-Jean Lamirande

Cristina Popescu

I highly recommend Daniel’s training classes

He was just AMAZING with both of our dogs (Mix Pitbull/Boxer and American Staffordshire). He only uses positive reinforcement with the dogs and he is extremely patient with them.

-Cristina Popescu

J.Claude St-Jean – Cantley

I recommend Mr. Sterl to anyone who wants to have a docile and obedient dog.

I asked Daniel Sterl to help me with the training of my puppy, a poodle. This is my fourth dog, but with a grand-son around, I want a dog that will obey orders at all times. The puppy is exuberant. Mr. Sterl gave me effective ways to keep him busy: special food ball, forcing the beast to "work" for his meal, and "Kong" still to occupy in his moments of impetuosity. I work at the moment the cues "knee" (more to the height of the dog than the command "heel" ...) and "come". With patience and "rewards" training is beginning to bear fruit. Mr. Sterl works smoothly, with great patience in the canine psychological approach. He takes the time to explain to the master, as well the “how” than the “why” of training. He is passionate about his work.

-J.Claude St-Jean - Cantley


Huge thanks from Baxter for making me a better master for him!!

Hello, I am the master of a very beautiful dog named Baxter. I adopted Baxter at 6 weeks old telling myself that this dog would be the nicest and most obedient dog, but I soon realized that even though Baxter was a good dog, he developed some aggressive behaviours towards some acquisitions. After following the trainer’s advices of the basic obedience course without success, she referred me to Daniel. After Daniel’s first visit, there was already a great improvement in Baxter’s behaviour. His advices allowed me to have a better control by changing my actions/cues that I was previously applying with Baxter. Daniel also suggested new training ideas to keep Baxter’s learning motivation and that taught him to play by himself so he became more independent. I greatly appreciated Daniel’s help and I highly recommend him to all dog owners who wish to develop a happy dog-master relationship. I must also thank him for his generous time and the passion he has for his profession.


Frédéric et Ghysline – Hull

We highly recommend Daniel’s services!

We are very satisfied for the services that Daniel (Un Homme et des Chiens) gave us. After only 2 appointments, we have seen a tremendous change for the better with our dog behaviours. We are now better equipped to change or train the behaviours of our dog.

-Frédéric and Ghysline


We are here for you!

Don’t wait anymore to fix these problems: the soonest you take care of them, the more fun you’ll have.

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