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Dog Trainer Bromont, Québec

With over 10 years of expertise, we offer 1:1 dog training services, private home sessions or group and puppy classes.
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Daniel Sterl | Un homme et des chiens

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Our services are offered in all areas of Bromont and surrounding towns (Cowansville, Shefford, Magog, Sutton, Lac-Brome, Farnham, Eastman, Ange-Gardien).

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Don’t wait to seek help- your animal’s behaviour may worsen over time. Contact me today for a free 15-minute consult to learn more about our Bromont-based dog training services.

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Daniel Sterl Granby Dog Training

With Over 10 Years of Expertise, We Offer 1:1 Dog Training Services, At Home Private Sessions or Group & Puppy Classes

Daniel Sterl is the highly qualified professional dog trainer you have been looking for. With over a decade of experience and expertise in all areas, Daniel is more than capable of addressing any behavioural issues your furry friend may be having. So whether it’s private home training, group classes, or puppy school you’re interested in, look no further than Daniel Sterl in Bromont, Québec.


One Man Many Dogs uses a kind and polite approach to dog training that is founded on positive reinforcement. With this method, dog owners will learn the fundamentals of canine psychology and how to use these dog training techniques to prevent and cure common dog behaviour issues. These dog training techniques are also effective when it comes to teaching and educating dogs. It’s done in a pleasant atmosphere with no sense of guilt, which helps gain more control and develop a long-term relationship between the dog and the owner.

So, why would you use this strategy when traditional punitive approaches appear effective?

Short-term, punitive methods may appear to work, but they have far too many negative long-term effects. Dogs that receive punishment often become stressed or uneasy around their owner, and will result in them avoiding them or disobeying orders to escape being punished again.

Conversely, more gentle approaches use reinforcement – either positive (rewards like treats or affection) or negative (taking away something the dog enjoys until it performs the desired behaviour). While these require a little patience at first, generally speaking, they offer much better results in the long run for both you and your furry friend…

So, which of these methods do you believe is more likely to lead to a long-term, happy relationship between you and your dog?

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Problems With Your Dog’s Behavior? Daniel Sterl is Here to Assist

Dog behaviour issues can be complicated for dog owners. Issues like pulling on the leash, being aggravating, not obeying, aggressiveness, excessive barking, and potty training are a few examples of typical concerns. If you’re having trouble with any of these things with your dog, One Man Many Dogs can assist you. We provide a gentle and positive reinforcement-based approach to help you and your dog build a strong relationship. We have the knowledge and tools to assist you in solving any behavioural issue your dog may have. To get started immediately, contact us now and book one of our expert dog trainers!

Our Expert Dog Trainers Can Help With:

The Advantages of Home-Based Training

Dog owners who want to focus on particular problems with their dogs in a one-on-one setting might find private home training an ideal solution. This kind of education is also beneficial for individuals who wish to understand more about dog behaviour and how to train them correctly. Some advantages of private home training include the opportunity to work at your own speed, a flexible schedule, and personalized attention from a certified trainer, such as Daniel Sterl.

Overall, private home training is an excellent choice for dogs who require more one-on-one attention or for those people who want to focus on specific issues. You may rest confident that your pet will get the personalized assistance they need to succeed while working with a professional trainer in the security of your own home.

With over 10+ years of experience helping dog owners like you.

dog training services granby

Now offering Dog Training Services in Bromont, QC!

Many dog owners in Bromont have turned to Daniel for help in communicating with their pets. His positive reinforcement approach has been shown to be effective in preventing and solving behaviour problems, and his fun and relaxed teaching style make learning easy for both dog and the owner. Thanks to Daniel, many dog owners now have the tools they need to create a strong bond with their furry friends.

We cover every neighbourhood of Bromont, such as Adamsville, Shefford-Ouest, Laroche, and Domaine-Saint-André and can come directly to you!

Daniel’s dog training services include, but are not limited to:

-Private Home Training
-Puppy Training
-Group Training
-Behavioural Issues Consultation

If you are interested in any of these services or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel. He will be more than happy to help you and your furry friend!

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Jean Lamirande

I really enjoyed our sessions and will continue to work with my big boy

You are a great teacher. Riley says thanks for the great treats. Please feel free to stop in if you are in the neighbourhood.

-Jean Lamirande

Cristina Popescu

I highly recommend Daniel’s training classes

He was just AMAZING with both of our dogs (Mix Pitbull/Boxer and American Staffordshire). He only uses positive reinforcement with the dogs and he is extremely patient with them.

-Cristina Popescu

J.Claude St-Jean – Cantley

I recommend Mr. Sterl to anyone who wants to have a docile and obedient dog.

I asked Daniel Sterl to help me with the training of my puppy, a poodle. This is my fourth dog, but with a grand-son around, I want a dog that will obey orders at all times. The puppy is exuberant. Mr. Sterl gave me effective ways to keep him busy: special food ball, forcing the beast to "work" for his meal, and "Kong" still to occupy in his moments of impetuosity. I work at the moment the cues "knee" (more to the height of the dog than the command "heel" ...) and "come". With patience and "rewards" training is beginning to bear fruit. Mr. Sterl works smoothly, with great patience in the canine psychological approach. He takes the time to explain to the master, as well the “how” than the “why” of training. He is passionate about his work.

-J.Claude St-Jean - Cantley

Eastern Townships Group Classes Location

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