consultation comportementale

Behavioural private session


You’re looking for a solution to a specific behaviour problem with your dog? In that case, we recommend a home visit to help solve the problem in your dog’s environment.

The first session lasts 1.5 hour in order to have enough time to go through tangible solutions to solve the undesirable behaviour.

Rate: $175 for the 1st 90 minutes session *
* You save 13$ on the regular hourly rate of $125/h
125$/h for the follow-up sessions

You can also add the Basic Training online videos, which gives you 90 minutes of teachings about the recommended training methods we use including some canine psychology, allowing us to be more efficient during our first session.

Price: $75 when buying your first session. (Our online store price: $100)

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During our first session, there are several goals:

  • Ask questions about your dog and his behaviours.
  • Observe your dog’s behaviour in his own environment.
  • Analyze the environment so that your dog can be re-educated optimally.
  • Learn the basics of canine psychology to better understand your dog and help you correct undesirable behaviour.
  • Give you effective solutions to solve behaviour problems.